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In 1965 Katherine Slocum started K B Slocum-Books. She then married Ed Moody and added Metal Detectors and Maps. Over the years, when the Moodys traveled about the country, they collected old maps from various sources to go along with their books. Over 50 years later, maps, books and metal detectors are still available today.


Our city, county, state and special maps such as Civil War, stage routes, Pony Express, treasure and other interest, are large clear copies, mostly on 11"x17" white paper. Many come in multiple parts in order to be more readable and help you locate the places of interest to you. Our map kits are in several parts containing clear copies of several old and historic maps. Our maps enable you to have copies of maps of yesterday without paying the enormous price of the antique originals, many of which you would be unable to find at any price.

By comparing with today's map, you can put yourself right on the spot where events of history happened.